Understanding TEXpress Lanes Signage

Because the TEXpress Lanes are unlike other toll roads in North Texas, signage for this tollway system are also different. TEXpress Lanes use electronic signage with variable real-time pricing to help manage traffic flow. Before using this new roadway, take a moment to learn about the NTE TEXpress Lanes pricing signs and other important signage you will see.

  • Understanding the Signs
  • Signs Before the TEXpress Lanes
  • Pricing Signs
  1. TEXpress Lanes Signs
  2. How to Read the Signs
  3. Exiting the TEXpress Lanes
  1. HOV 2+ Sign
  2. No Tag Sign
  1. What Price Will You Pay?
  2. What Price Will HOV Users Pay?
  3. Fixed Pricing for the First 6 Months
  • TEXpress Lanes Signs

    Get Familiar with TEXpress Lanes Signs

    The new NTE TEXpress Lanes have signage that will:

    • Direct you to the TEXpress corridor 
    • Guide you into the TEXpress Lanes
    • Display the real-time, current prices for both single occupancy vehicles and HOV users with a TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG

    Look for the signs that have the TEXpress red and blue star icon and a green Express Lane banner across the top. They also feature the TxTag and TollTag symbols.


  • How to Read the Signs

    Before each entrance, the signs display the:

    • Route indicator
    • Price for single occupant vehicle to travel from that entry point to the end of that toll segment (there are two toll segments; a pricing sign to continue onto the second toll segment is posted well in advance of the decision point)
    • Price for pre-activated HOV 2+ users (click here for more info on HOV Qualifications and Activation)
    • Higher-rate designation for vehicles with no TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG, or larger vehicles such as a truck or bus, or are pulling a trailer

     View Vehicle Classification Shapes

  • Exiting the TEXpress Lanes

    Exiting the TEXpress Lanes

    Before your exit, you’ll see a pricing sign for the next toll segment (there are currently 2 NTE TEXpress toll segments). The price is only for drivers continuing on the NTE TEXpress Lanes to the second toll segment. You will not incur any additional charges for exiting prior to the next toll segment.

    Exit signs like this will help guide you out of the NTE TEXpress Lanes.

    To exit, take the exit ramp to the right, which will bring you onto the frontage road.

    You can then:

    • Take the frontage road to the next major intersection 
    • Or enter the general highway lanes at the next available entrance to reach your final destination

    View exit ramp maps

  • HOV 2+ Sign

    HOV 2+ Sign

    Before the TEXpress corridor begins you will see a directional sign to guide you to the NTE TEXpress Lanes.

    If you are an HOV user with a valid TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG you’re eligible for a 50% discount during peak weekday travel periods. Click here for more information on HOV Qualifications and Activation.

  • No Tag Sign

    No Tag / No Problem Sign

    If you don’t have a TollTagTxTag or EZ TAG, the North Texas Tollway Authority will send you a ZipCash bill. You’ll pay approximately 50% higher rates for processing and collection.

    Save money and enjoy the convenience of using a TollTag, TxTag or EZ Tag to pay to drive the TEXpress Lanes.

  • What Price Will You Pay?

    What Price Will You Pay?

    Current prices are displayed on the sign.

    Prices are based on real-time traffic conditions and may change as often as every 5 minutes to reflect the current rates:

    • Prices fluctuate up and down to keep traffic flowing at 50 mph or faster 
    • The last price you see on the sign prior to entering the TEXpress Lanes is the amount that NTTA will bill you with a valid TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG 
    • If the toll changes after you enter, our system will lock in the price you saw prior to getting into the TEXpress Lanes

    Get average pricing

  • What Price Will HOV Users Pay?

    What Price Will HOV Users Pay?

    HOV 2+ users, including carpools and motorcycles, with valid TollTags, TxTags or EZ TAGs, receive a 50% discount. Click here for more info on HOV Qualifications and Activation.

    • 6:30 to 9:00 a.m. 
    • 3:00 to 6:30 p.m.
    • Mondays through Fridays

    At all other times, they pay the same rate as single occupancy vehicles.

  • Fixed Pricing for the First 6 Months

    Prices Are Fixed for the First Six Months

    During the first six months following the opening of the NTE TEXpress Lanes, a fixed variable schedule with higher rates during rush hours will be incapable of reacting to real-time traffic surges or demand.

    After this period demand-based, congestion-management pricing will be implemented to keep the lanes moving at 50 mph or faster.