NTE I-35W Project

The North Tarrant Express includes 23.4 miles of TEXpress Lanes:

  • 13.3 miles of NTE TEXpress Lanes run east and west on Northeast Loop 820 and SH-121/183 Airport Freeway, from I-35W on 820 to Industrial Boulevard on SH-121/183
  • 10.1 miles of NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes flow north and south on I-35W from downtown Fort Worth north to past US 287

As with all other TEXpress Lanes throughout North Texas, this project was designed to improve the efficiency of the highway system by offering drivers a reliable choice during heavy congestion between the general highway lanes and two NTE TEXpress Lanes in each direction.

Reconstruction of I-35W

10.1 miles of new NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes from downtown Fort Worth to north of US 287 increases the capacity of the highway, reduces traffic congestion and gives you more control over your daily commute.

Your Experience Enhanced

The NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes project consists of reconstructed interchanges, adds additional highway capacity and includes upgraded existing facilities to optimize operations.

The Choice of a Faster Commute

I-35W drivers can choose to use the improved free lanes, or to pay for a faster and more reliable commute on the new NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes. The choice is up to you on how you want to cruise.

NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes Now Open

All 10.1 miles of NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes on I-35W from the I-30/downtown interchange to Heritage Trace Parkway are open, including direct connector ramps from I-30 east and into downtown Fort Worth.

Fixed pricing for first 6 months

NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes Pricing

The NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes use variable, congestion-management pricing to keep drivers moving at a minimum of 50mph at all times. Toll rates are higher during rush hours, and lower as the demand for TEXpress Lanes drop.


  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Revitalizing Your Roadway
  • Choose to Cruise
  • New Lanes in No Time
  • Variable Pricing