Average Pricing Calculator

To view how the rates fluctuate over each 24-hour period within a week, or to plan future trips using the NTE & NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes, you can access our average pricing chart for a single occupant vehicle with a TollTag, TxTag or EZ TAG. The chart provides average rates for each day of the week, hour and travel period based upon the most recent historical data. ZipCash customers pay approximately 50% higher toll rates for processing and collection by the North Texas Tollway Authority. 

Keep in mind that the NTE & NTE 35W TEXpress Lanes are comprised of four toll segments (indicated in purple, pale blue, bright blue and dark blue on the map below). Depending on your travel, you might have two separate transactions for a single trip if you enter a second toll segment, so add the rates for the two separate toll segments to determine the entire trip cost. If you enter a third and/or fourth toll segment, add the rates for all respective segments.

If you drive a larger vehicle, simply multiply the base rate by the applicable vehicle toll factor displayed in the table below.

The chart rates do not include special promotional discounts or the 50% discounts given to HOV carpool drivers and motorcyclists.


Segments detailed map


1EBI-35W/I-820 to SH-26/SH-1836.40
1WBI-820 to I-820 West/I-35W6.40
2EBI-820 to SH-183 East or SH-121 North6.86
2WBSH-121/SH-183 to I-820/Bedford-Euless Rd6.86
3NBI-30 W US 287 to I-820 West/I-35W6.20
3SBI-35W North Entrance to I-35W South/Rosedale St6.20
4NBI-35W North Entrance to Heritage Trace Pkwy4.00
4SBHeritage Trace Pkwy to I35W/I-820 West4.00

Vehicle Toll Factor

 Exempt Vehicles
HOV and Motorcycles registered through GoCarma
Single Occupant Vehicles
Single Occupant Vehicles + 1 or More Trailers
Large Trucks
Extra-Large Trucks
Large or Extra-Large Trucks + 1 Trailer
Large Trucks or Extra-Large Trucks + More Than 1 Trailer