North Tarrant Express FAQs - Timeline/Construction Phasing

Construction on the North Tarrant Express began in October 2010. The project opened on Oct. 4, 2014, approximately nine months ahead of schedule. The extension of NTE includes I-35W, from downtown Fort Worth to US 287, which will open in two phases. Phase 1, which begins at the I-35W / 820 interchange and extends to US 287 opened in July 2017. Phase 2, which runs from downtown Fort Worth to the I-35W / 820 interchange is expected to open in 2018

Our plan is to prioritize each individual phase of the I-35W extension to open as soon as possible, so that we can deliver a new transportation network, relieving existing congestion and improving safety and air quality.

To guarantee the safety of the public, we have carefully and thoughtfully developed a construction staging and traffic management design to provide for the safe and steady flow of traffic through the project area.

Our traffic control plans also incorporate traffic control devices to route traffic safely and at a controlled speed around construction areas. The project is in close coordination with traffic planners for all the cities in the area to ensure nearby traffic signals are timed to assist motorists in the construction area. This will keep drivers safe and reduce the impact of traffic on residents and businesses located near the project area.