North Tarrant Express FAQs - Project Overview

This 13.3-mile, $2.5 billion project involves the total reconstruction of the I-820 and SH-121/183 (Airport Freeway) corridor in Northeast Tarrant County. Improvements include rebuilt general highway lanes, improvements and expansions to the frontage roads, and the addition of four TEXpress Lanes. In 2014, construction began on I-35W, which is an extension of the NTE project. NTE TEXpress Lanes added to I-35W, from downtown Fort Worth to US 287, will open in two phases beginning in summer 2017. The final phase is slated for a fall 2018 opening. 

The NTE project will provide relief from traffic congestion and bottlenecks along one of the most critical highway corridors in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. These improvements will enhance the safety and reliability of this highway system, while lessening environmental impacts resulting from traffic gridlock.

NTE Mobility Partners designed, built and financed the NTE, working in close collaboration with the Texas Department of Transportation and the local communities. The company is also responsible for operating and maintaining the NTE TEXpress Lanes, general highway lanes and frontage road within the the NTE. In addition, NTE Mobility Partners is currently working on the on the project's expansion on 35W. 

NTE Mobility Partners represents a consortium of companies, including Cintra US, a world leader in private-sector development of transportation infrastructure; Meridiam Infrastructure, a global public-private partnership investor/developer of private facilities; the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System, the first U.S. pension fund in the country to invest in the building and maintenance of a major toll road project like NTE; and W.W. Webber LLC, a leading Texas construction company.

The State of Texas is the project's owner. NTE Mobility Partners has entered into a lease agreement with the state to improve and expand the NTE, as well as operate and maintain it according to rigorous standards set by the state. Once the lease ends, TxDOT will resume the operation and maintenance of the roadway.

Yes. The project team is now focused on the reconstruction of I-35W. Construction began in 2013 on the northern segment (north of I-820) and in late 2014 on the southern segment (south of I-820). The I-35W highway corridor—a major north/south route for commuters and regional, interstate and international trade—will feature fully rebuilt main lanes and frontage roads, along with two new TEXpress Lanes in each direction. Phase I, which runs from I-820 north to US 287 and is being built by the Texas Dept. of Transportation, is scheduled for a summer 2017 opening. Phase 2, which runs south of I-820 to downtown Fort Worth, is slated for a fall 2018 opening. NTE Mobility Partners will manage both segments of the I-35W corridor and its TEXpress Lanes.